Alexander: English Theatres

A quick note on London theatres – they’re freaking insane. Caught four shows so far and all the venues have been amazing.

Shakespeare’s Globe
The Comedy of Errors (Shakespearean comedy)
Julius Ceaser (Shakespearean tragedy)

Globe Theatre
It’s around here somewhere. An amazing place, I was very lucky to perform here in 2011.

The Old Vic
Electra (Greek tragedy starring Kristen Scott Thomas; performed in the round)The Old Vic

My seat is where the stage was last time. Both times seen big names here, last time was Kevin Spacey in Richard III  – which was amazing.

Criterion Theatre
The 39 Steps (Comedy version of a Hitchcock thriller; four actors play 140 characters)

I felt like a doll here. (Because it’s pink and white like a dollhouse, not because it made me feel pretty.) I’m also really looking forward to seeing The Massacre at Paris at Rose Theatre tomorrow.

Rose Theatre
This is the stage and also the viewing platform above the remains of the original Rose Theatre. It’s five minutes from Shakespeare’s Globe and a great place to visit if you’re in the area. In short, London’s worth a visit for lots of reasons, but theatre has got to be one of the best parts of the city.