Fred From Featherston, 2018
Fred poster photo
“cleverness, charm and a considerable talent”

DJ Trump, 2017
DJ Trump, image by Jamie Bottomley (small)
Best Show, Outstanding Achievement
2017 Wellington Comedy Awards
Best Actor, Best Design
2017 Nelson Fringe Festival

“Captivating showmanship . . . transgressive and unabashed”
Theatreview (Palmerston North)

“It is very funny . . . worth checking out.”

“Trump is channelled brilliantly . . . [a] creepily accurate portrayal”
Theatreview (Auckland)

“It’s dumbfounding how hilarious he is.”
Regional News

“intelligently insightful on many levels”
Theatreview (Wellington)

“a masterful performance . . . it really doesn’t get better than this”
Art Murmurs

The President, 2017 – 2016
Best Show
2017 Wellington Comedy Awards
 Breakthrough Act
 Best Show, Best Show Concept
2016 Wellington Comedy Awards

“it’s a sterling effort, well worth seeing”
Radio New Zealand

“Sparrow’s impression is great . . . he nails the core of Trump’s personality”

“. . . up there with the likes of Johnny Depp . . . ”
Theatreview (Auckland)

“The President is incredible . . . a must-see”
Art Murmurs

“an unnervingly astute work of political satire”
Theatreview (Wellington)

“Disconcertingly funny . . . a brilliant caricature . . .”
Theatreview (Palmerston North)

“it is fabulous, an accurate impersonation, offering laugh out loud hilarity”
Theatreview (Hamilton)

de Sade, 2017 – 2016, 2014
Sade banner
“plenty of chutzpah . . . very inventive, builds well, and holds the audience”
Theatreview (Palmerston North, 2017)

“thematically meaty . . . Definitely worth checking out.”
Theatrescenes (2017)

“[de Sade] gave me goosebumps . . . will have you tingling, breathy, giddy from laughter”
Art Murmurs (2017)

“reaches outrageous heights . . . hilarious”
Theatreview (Wellington, 2017)

“A true professional . . . bespoke, artisan comedy”
Wellington Reviews (2016)

“comedic genius . . . if a door represented conservatism, Sparrow would knock politely before breaking it down”
Regional News (2016)

“strangely entertaining”
Dominion Post (2014)

“lots of fun, and the audience participation [was] hilarious.”
Kiwiblog (2014)

ENIGMA, 2017 – 2016
Website banner
“Sparrow’s ability as a character actor is impressive . . .  fantastically entertaining”
Theatreview (Palmerston North, 2017)

“a cleverly structured show . . . works his audience with consummate skill
Theatreview (Wellington, 2016)

” a masterful and engaging storyteller . . . Not only did I laugh, but at different points my jaw was slack with shock . . . this show is a must see”
Art Murmurs (2016)

Stones in His Pockets, 2017
Stones (2)
“one of those rare gems that sparkles from any angle . . . Highly recommended.”

“hilarious . . . challenged my view of what theatre could achieve”
Art Murmurs

“masterful performances . . . deliciously comedic”
Regional News

New Tricks
, 2016 (Writer/Director)
Winner: Best Director, Best Actor
Wellington Short + Sweet Festival

“incredibly entertaining . . . an excellent choice in closing the night”
Art Murmurs

“great fun . . . we voyeurs watch agape, wondering how far they’ll go before the blackout”

A Collection Of Noises, 2015, 2013 (Writer/Director)
”an absorbing 50 minutes of drama”
Theatreview (2015)

”a very dark production, and superbly acted.”
Kiwiblog (2015)

”a brilliantly executed production”
Wellington Reviews (2015)

”A powerful play . . . one which will stay with me for life.”
Art Murmurs (2015)

“beautifully acted, cleverly-scripted and surprisingly dark”
Theatreview (2013)

It Was Supposed To Be A Joke, 2014

“Sparrow has the assurance and gravitas of a pro . . .”

Lumiere Reader

“in addition to being a good comedian, he can act and the boy can move.”

How To Pick Up Women, 2014
draws multiple shrieks from women in the audience”

Definition Of Me, 2013 (Co-Writer/Performer)
“one of the gems we always hope to discover in the Fringe”