“Many smiles . . . We really enjoyed having Trump”
We hired Trump for an extra element of fun to our in-store Christmas Party at New World Island Bay.  The customers were delighted to be complimented about how great,  wonderful, and hot they were as they shopped around the store.  Trump was extremely interactive with all ages of customers from the young children who were particularly taken with watching and speaking to a pretend president to the older clientele who were equally charmed.  Many smiles plastered across the un-expecting customers and to those who came in especially.  We really enjoyed having Trump in the store.  Thanks so much for making our event a little bit special for everyone who came.
Amanda Elliot
New World Island Bay

“a brilliant job”
Alexander Sparrow, AKA Donald Trump, did a brilliant job of bringing a client’s radio commercial to life with his impersonation skills! A great way to really make an ad stand out.
Andy Hoey
Account Manager

“absolutely brilliant. Guests were captivated”
Addington Raceway engaged the services of Alexander Sparrow for the 2017 Christchurch Casino New Zealand Trotting Cup. We wanted to add some additional entertainment to our hospitality areas and Alexander was the perfect fit. He mingled and talked with our guests throughout the day and was absolutely brilliant. Guests were captivated by his appearance and mannerisms, which were identical to that of Donald Trump.  One guest even commented that “he was the best impersonator he had encountered”. He was true to form and really added to the entertainment of the day. It was a great opportunity for our clients to have photo shoots and I would highly recommend Alexander to anyone wishing to add a wow factor to their event. If you are looking for a point of difference, then Donald Trump is your man.
Joanna McMaster
Event Consultant
Addington Raceway & Events Centre

“hilarious . . . a great performance”
Our group was raising funds via a Quiz Night for Brooklyn Scouts, and we were really pleased to welcome in ‘the Don’ for a night of fun and laughter! We learnt much on that evening.  Firstly, that Donald Trump was hilarious!  Secondly (and surprisingly), Donald’s appeal spans all generations and political ideologies.  And last, but certainly not least, that Donald can lift the spirits and drive a fun-filled atmosphere in pretty much ANY situation! The role was hilariously played by Wellington comedian Alexander Sparrow.  From Brooklyn Scouts, thanks for putting on a great performance.  Anyone present would recommend you to liven up any evening!
Oliver Mander
Group Leader
Brooklyn Scouts

“loved his show . . . first class”
We had the pleasure of DJ Trump (Alexander) making an appearance at our annual conference in September 2017. We had bumped into Alexander at a number of his shows and at [filming for Prime TV’s] Back Benchers, where he had a fairly regular slot. Alexander discussed what we were trying to achieve from his appearance, worked with us to find out about the organisation and the people involved, and wrote some really good lines around that material. Our conference loved his show. The content and delivery was first class, the topical references were up to the minute, and despite being based on Trump himself, the show remained tasteful.
Matthew Underwood
Matthew Underwood Limited
(For the New Zealand Shareholders Association)

“Superb!!! One talented guy.”
We asked Alexander to perform his Donald Trump portrayal at one of our corporate functions. He was very real and very funny. Alexander’s portrayal was accurate, disturbing (in a very Trump way) and highly entertaining. He was the talk of the office for weeks following the event. We would recommend Alexander and his Trump impersonation for any event, any demographic any audience. Superb!!! One talented guy.
Sarah Williams

“a very convincing Donald Trump, great to work with, and very entertaining”
We themed a premier race night at Alexandra Park as American themed and booked Alexander Sparrow as the entertainment for the night. The night consisted of four rooms of guests dining; [with] approximately 1,800 people on course. I was very impressed with Alexander’s skill set in performing as Donald Trump. He was able to move from simple meet and greets, [to] presenting to a large audience, to having banter with the crowds seamlessly. He never broke character and was very convincing . . . the guests just loved him! He also starred in three Facebook live videos which generated 30k views, which was absolutely incredible. (My goal for these videos were 3k views.) I have no hesitation in recommending Alexander: he is a very convincing Donald Trump, great to work with, and very entertaining.

Joel Reichardt
Sales and Marketing Manager
Alexandra Park

“a brilliant, hilarious, and faultless performance”
Alexander Sparrow is an exceptional Donald Trump. From the moment, he stepped into our office to entertain our team, we were laughing and in awe of his spot-on mannerisms that modelled the Trump perfectly. We would highly recommend him if you were looking for an impersonator for your event as his comedy is natural and his look is amazingly like Trump (sorry Alexander). Another plus is that he kindly stuck around for plenty of photos with our team and chatted to all of us, not breaking character once. Alexander Sparrow offers a brilliant, hilarious, and faultless performance.

Nick Roberts

“went down really well”

In January this year I asked Alexander (at short notice) to prepare and film a Donald Trump impersonation piece for a major (American) client conference that I was presenting to. It needed to be amusing and on point for the client.
Within 2 weeks Alexander had agreed a script with me and filmed a 7-minute clip. It went down really well with the 400 attendees at the conference.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Alexander to anyone regarding a Trump stand-in or any other character that Alexander can provide.
Adrian Tulloch
Managing Director
Vero Liability Insurance Ltd.

“simply outstanding”
Alexander Sparrow as Donald Trump was our surprise 15 minute guest act for this year’s office Christmas function.  Alexander was simply outstanding!  We are a Wellington CBD office floor with a mix of professionals including doctors, lawyers, company directors and management, with an age range of 23 to 73.  Alexander’s preparation was thorough, ensuring that he had a good feel of who would be there and the tone required for our particular event.  The result was an hilarious performance with a mix of gags generally lampooning Trump and audience-specific jokes which brought many in the audience into the act at exactly the right moment and in just the right way.  Everyone loved it. Believe me, in my view you can do no better than engage Alexander Sparrow as Donald Trump for your next corporate event.
Matthew Sherwood King

“a highly entertaining evening”

 To the stunned surprise of almost everyone present, Donald Trump burst into the Young Lawyers’ Comedy Debate at Chapman Tripp on 20 October (Trump’s arrival had been secretly arranged by one of the guest speakers in the debate).  When everyone had regained their composure, we were thoroughly entertained by a fantastic impression of the President. Extremely witty jibes at himself, New Zealand and the individuals in the two teams made for a highly entertaining evening.

Law Clerk


“Thank you so much. Your words made this possible . . . It has gone gangbusters. Well done.”
Upper Hutt City Council
(I wrote the script for the video below, which has 103,000+ hits on Facebook.)